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Schnauzer by Lindale-FF Schnauzer by Lindale-FF
March 14, 2013. This was the result of several friendly jokes. Everyone likes to comment on my beard, and Voporak mentions that I look like a professor. Later, I showed them my mousepad with a photo of a Schnauzer on it, plus the common knowledge that I do have a Schnauzer, and my resulting loyalty to the breed. As a result, Ashkrik comments on me being a Schnauzer. There you have "Professor McSchnauzer," and the name stuck.

Also, I wear spectacles, so the dog would not be complete without me giving him spectacles of his own. Mine own are rectangular, so only rectangular spectacles would work for the dog. Believe it or not, attaching spectacles to the image of the dog, and making it look realistic, was actually the most difficult part of the entire work.

As for the "Kongwe" part of the name, we can either thank or blame Ashkrik for this too. He is obsessed with Swahili, and has taken to giving everyone Swahili names based on their personalities. According to Ashkrik's genius/insane council (and Google of course) I discovered that the name means:
1: Old, Ancient. ← This fits my current personality quite well.
2: Choir Leader, Soloist, Lead Singer. ← This is what I was in my teens, so I do not think it was a coincidence that "Kongwe" translates as these also.

The soldier dog on the right is actually a collectible figurine. It is carved from stone, and hand-painted too!

As for the quote, that is something I am sure every Ph.D. has heard someone say about them. So including the quote only seemed correct.

The fact that this entire work revolved around jokes actually made this quite a bit more fun!
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March 16, 2013
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